Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glitter Hummingbird

Here's the pain-in-the-you-know-what card that has had so many starts and blunders and mess ups throughout the week. I have been sparkling all week because of this card, glitter, glitter, everywhere. And, yesterday I mentioned that Martha Stewart glitter glue leaves a lot to be desired. Well, let's just say that after about a day, Martha Stewart glitter glue removes itself from acetate. Delightful.

So, when someone asks me tomorrow what I did on my spring break...the correct response will be I made a glitter on acetate card.

I actually like the look of glitter on acetate. When I first started stamping years ago, I was drawn to this look. This was before my coloring addiction fully kicked in. I took a class on how to do it, which was great because the glitter was all over the rubber stamp store, not my house.

It is actually quite easy, just messy.

I stamped the Terry Medaris hummingbird with Stazon Jet Black ink onto a piece of acetate. Then on the opposite side of the ink, I covered parts of the image with Art Institute glitter glue (gets my vote!) and then applied the appropriate colored glitter, also from Art Institute. Then the drying begins. This particular one took about two days. This was just one of many takes with different glitter colors, etc. I really liked an attempt I had with a green hummingbird, but Martha didn't.

Once dry, I then used Terrifically Tacky Tape to adhere the acetate to a base of patterned paper from Lasting Impressions. I then made the front panel of the card from a bag (I like the pattern of the blue flowers) and cut a circle. Then, putting things all together, I added a light blue sheer bow, along with two flowers from Michael's Recollections.

If you run into me and see that I sparkle, you now know the reason why. ;-)

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Jenny Gropp said...

Stunning finished product, even thought the process was trying it came out beautifully in the end!!!


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