Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lilacs in Full Bloom

In my backyard, at my work...the lilacs are in bloom. In fact, they are even in my stamp room.

I wanted to share a non-card with you. Just a practice sample, if you will. It is a lilac image drawn by Marianne Walker for Copic, and colored by me.

On Friday, I was so excited to have a much-needed day off and was able to attend the Intermediate Copic Certification class in Columbus, OH, taught by Colleen Schaan. I figured that if I traveled all the way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2008 for the Standard Certification, then I had no excuses for not going, given it was just 15 minutes away.

Anyway, it was a great class! I urge all of you to take it if you have the chance. I hope I will be able to apply some of my learning in my future projects.

The lilac image was final project for the class, which I actually took home and finished on Sunday...one thing I learned, I'm a slower colorist than most with a "light touch". ;-)

I will link this particular post to Sassy Cheryl's Show Me #24 Challenge. Seems to fit.

And take a look at a photo I took after school today. The blossoms are kinda positioned the same, aren't they? Now if only the sun would shine around here so I could see those cast shadows. ;-)


petra,s cards said...

beautiful card!!!!!
stunning card!
xx petra

Sassy Cheryl said...

I'd like to 'practice' like that. WOW! That's beautiful!!!!!
And so are the 'real' ones.
Thanks for sharing your 'space' this week. Hope you enjoyed your day off!

Cynthia said...

Beautiful lilacs, Kecia!


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